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June 7th, 2009
As you can tell, this website has become a ghost town with no updates. I have decided to update it one more time. I honestly have lost so much interest in a lot of these things. I used to make anime music videos, used to endlessly watch cartoons or related shows, read comics and talk to other fellow people who did the same (talking about you CPS). I made many friends at CPS and funny enough, I even sort of help found it. However, my days as a person who makes DVDs and one who loves cartoons and anime no longer honestly exist. My interests have just moved on after being around for so long. So, thank you to everyone who I have traded with. Thank you to everyone at CPS. And Thank you to everyone who helped me establish this website. Especially you LS. So with sad words, I say this...effective immediately Angel of Animes will no longer make anymore DVD sets. This website will no longer be updated and neither will Capcom Comics.

My experience at CPS has been wonderful, I will of course still answer emails! I'm not going to just leave everything behind. =). A lot of people have moved on with their lives and it's definitely my time. Many of you at CPS really did not know who I was, and I'm sure many of you have forgotten about me also. This is for the best. I will visit the new CPS every now and then, but if you do need to contact me, please be sure to email me, I will be sure to respond. You can count on me to keep in contact. Thank you for all these years. AngelofAnimes 2002 - 2009.

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