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July 3rd, 2008
You know...writing a website takes time now. Then again, it's not like I really have anything to add these days. Eventually I'll finish up the reviews and my DVD collection has probably now gone defunt because I mean seriously, I need to start watching them instead of making a website. For now, expect interval updates in Capcom Comics. I might branch out and turn into a Capcom Fansite or something...not sure. AOA Productions hasn't released anything in years. (That's me by the way, haha.) Thanks for reading.

Also, effective immediately:
My new email is I can't stress how much JUNK I've recently received with my excite account, and so I am changing it to my gmail account, please email me there from now on. I usually respond within 24 hours, especially with gmail notifier. If any problem with the site arrives, please report them.

January 3rd, 2008: I'm a little slow in my reviews, but I have finished up Street Fighter! I also redesigned it too! I hope you like! Also while I'm late, there's new Street Fighter information! Street Fighter IV! On top of that there is a slew of new Udon comics coming out! Street Fighter II: Turbo! Street Fighter III! Street Fighter: Chun-Li! This is amazing! There's also new about the Chun-Li movie! Played by Kristin Kruek! All of this is an amazing start of 2008 for Street Fighter! So watch out!

January 3rd, 2008
It's a great new year! It is also more than FOUR years of me maintaining (poorly) this website! I really wish I had more time to do all the stuff I want but time and patience is a virtue. For now, I have updated Capcom Comics and soon I hope I will be able to update my COLLECTION updated with everything up to date. Thank you and Happy New Year!

October 27th, 2007:
My reviews are quite short now, nobody wants to read long reviews. They all will follow the format of SFL: Sakura now! Awesome I think =).

September 16th, 2007: Keeping a schedule these days is very hard. I've finished up Sakura Legends review by the way! =)

August 1st, 2007:
You know, I think my reviews are getting, well, more constructed. I think I babbled a lot on the first few, but I'm trying to construct them better. I've decided that after I complete Street Fighter, I won't give a synopsis about the comic, just straight to the review. So in the event of that, I plan to review the very recent STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS: SAKURA with this new agenda! =) Of course with this, it required some updates also, so I made Sakura's website also!

July 16, 2007
A little late huh? Well I am working more on adding extensive to my collection, but most of my work will probably now go into the reviews section of Capcom Comics. So please check that out! -AOA

May 4, 2007
It seems as though I messed up again. I forgot to upload me completing the reviewing of the first six issues of Street Fighter. This doesn't even relate to this main part of the site. I will try and update more of the collection on my site later on. I'm almost beginning to lose interest on this, but I'm glad I haven't yet. Please Check Capcom Comics! I will try to update more frequently.

May 4th, 2007: I originally wrote everything the month before, but again, forgot to upload them to the website. I've gotten all seven reviews done of the first issues of the arc! How wonderful. I may go back and revise some of them because some of the things I wrote fit more into a comic-series review as a whole. Hopefully I can finish Street Fighter sometime soon! So I can start on others.

January 21st, 2007
Finally a new year! This website has slumped for a while, who knew it was so hard to maintain a website after a while. I actually had two updates that I forgot to update in March and July, but alas, I was unable to. I'm going to try and keep it up with this website as long as I am alive. I have changed SHOP to Collection, things are still available for trade or sale but they will not be listed with the prices anymore. I've also changed the layout of the POPUP windows to something else, something more detailed and informative. Bear with me as I try and work on it. I want to keep this site something to look forward to. I hope to fix it up more. I know in past years I might have been dumbfounded on some of the things that I made (especially pertaining to DVD sets), but learning is something everyone does. Hopefully everything will be better. Expansion of my site is a goal, especially with my interest in the Udon Comics series. One of the main things I want to do is transfer my website to an actual domain, but I'll have to wait until then.

I changed the color of CAPCOM NEWS into blue, because capcom isn't even known for having a red color, they're blue. (And it hurts my eyes) I am starting to have reviews in Capcom Comics on the Street Fighter Comic Series. Hopefully I can start to update monthly to and eventually catch up to the Udon releases. My goal is to expand the website quicker and allow more traffic flow to anyone who actually reads my site. Also, to actually make the webpage more reputable, I've added a * to by what's been update in each of my updates.

February 3, 2006:
 Zoom about 10 months later and BOOM, a website has arrived. Yes I closed my website mainly for this. I have done a lot on this portion of the website. The original banner that I had for it was too small and boring. So I made a new one more big and vibrant. As my main page says, this website has been optimized with the thought of you having BROADBAND. Most images here are swept to their max, although unneeded I do so anyway. I hope you enjoy this portion of my website. I'll also try and incorporate news that I receive about the CAPCOM comics made by Udo

February 3, 2006 Update:
It's been almost half a year since I updated. I did as much as I could to change it up. My deadline was January but I thought one more month couldn't hurt. I hope you guys like the various new things that I did to the website. Mainly CAPCOM COMICS. The CAPCOM Comics section has gone under many changes. So mainly I closed the website for that. I also revised all my descriptions of my Music Videos. I also took out a lot of the things in SHOPPING.

May 15 2005 Update:  Well, actually it's not. I haven't done anything yet, because I've been busy or rather yet lazy. Well I'll fix up this place even more as the time goes by, Check back often!

I hope to get some scans up for Street Fighter, and some for DarkStalkers also. But Street Fighter takes top priority! Well Looks like this is rather a nothing'd update.

July 27, 2005 Update:
I've worked on a Swat Kats set for myself, I noticed that there ARE better sets then mine out there, but who said I was making these sets for everyone else? I'm making these for my own pure collection. I'm almost done with Totally Spies, I have 3 episodes left to capture. As my first long term project, I have to say, that a year's worth of capturing is not so bad. Capcom Comics will have an update very soon! Thank you for those that frequent my website.

June 20, 2005 Update:
It seems as though I actually got something done :) I capture 6 episodes of Swat Kats, the retailed episodes. However, it was from SLP tapes, so my Boomerang set will be much better. But I like logoless dvds too don't you? Totally Spies is airing a few episodes I need finally, I'll be done in due time. I wanted this place to be more than a shopping experience but so far I've been too slow on doing anything. I hope to get Capcom Comics up and going before the Summer ends and Fall begins. I got rid of a few VCD master sets of mine. Hopefully it makes it to them.

The Beginning:
March 20, 2005:

All New, and all awesome, ANGEL OF ANIMES' CAPCOM SECTION, this place I'll give small caps and pictures taken from the comic book, funfics I'll do, fanfics etc. However, this part of the webpage doesn't have the same menu as the others. So once again, I'll just say that it's a subdomain website, but really this is a subdomain already so I'll call it a sub-site...:D

As you can see, I've already started with the logo and all..^_^

May 15, 2005 Update:
Well, I did nothing much. I did find out that Totally Spies is not airing old episodes anymore. This is sad because I had ten episodes left to go to complete everything. Well, I'll hope it reairs sometime soon. I have to wait a few weeks before I am able to burn a complete Static Shock set. This will be quite a nice set. Other than that, I have nothing updated except that I took out the guestbook on every page, nobody was even looking at it. And that's pretty much it.

March 29th, 2005 Update:
Seems as though I fixtured prices almost all dvds are 5 dollars! That's low! Thanks to today's walmart, and I also added Capcom Comics, in it's early works
Ah...Finally, Angel Of Animes...

March 20, 2005 Update:
Capcom Comics is in it's premature stages..^_^! Currently, I'm working on it's banner and everything,
so I can have a sophisticated website, although it's going to be a rushed that's
that...I plan on finishing a lot of things, but really I have 15+ projects I have on my computer never finished because I'm just that slow and want to start something else so fast. Well until the next update!

March 11th, 2005 Update:
Yes, I did forget to update on February, I kept saying I'd do it tommrow, but starting this month I am changing my ways and finishing up projects faster! This is what I plan on finishing this month Swat Kats, Static Shock, S1 Totally Spies, and Mummies Alive. Once again, I'm sorry I didn't have much to update and I've been slow, just how I work...Thanks! For those of you who read it especially those who frequent this site.

January 27 '05 Update:

I updated a very minor update of just updating Princess Minerva, which I forgot I had. I'll get screen shots of Voltrons by next month. This is my last update this month and I plan not to update every week but every month.

January 24 '05 Update:
I have to put up a couple new pictures and make more of the screen shots. I added Voltron Lion Force and gonna start working on the dvd covers and screen shots of both series.  I'm gonna make some new sets soon and stuff and so it'll help. Anyway this update is just a minor update. And so hopefully it's good...I plan a March release of 'Capcom Comics' Section just because I really don't want to be updating it just for the shop. So Capcom Comics here I come!

January 14 '05 Update:
I added a couple new shows like 3? I'm trying to get screen shots of some of my DVDs so that it won't be all 'coming soon' I am hoping to start on a new project soon but I still have Static Shock and The New Adventures of Captain Planet to work on.

January '05 Update:
I took a LONG vacation without telling anyone. I'm sorry about that. I'm back now an I'm glad to be back. I have various new things I finished in December since I planned on coming back on January. So I have 2-3 sets done. I enjoyed my vacation and now I am happy to be back here to help everyone with there needs! I'll be updating every week this January of the new '05 to celebrate. And don't forget

September Update:
I skipped ALL of my projects set to September, I did not have time for it...I just spent alot of money to get me a new Capture Card and now I can capture in a breeze! It's fantastic! By the end of 'this' year I will have a TON of new shows! Sorry for the lateness...But soon I will have a bunch load of stuff! ^_^

August Update:
I've added the projects I worked on during July, and I've also added ALOT of VCD products also, Some of it might interest you, I'm working on other sets that have been delayed, I am also converting Anime VHS, very rare anime, They will come regularly and not on the coming soon list. I've also decided to delete TIFCO-trade in for cash out, I had only a few customers who wanted to do that, And I am about to add more fun links soon such as information, not just a place for Shopping, If you've noticed I've taken out the HUGE picture that you get to before this address. -AOA

July 2004:
I've added more stuff to the SHOP page, as well as information on DVDs only. I won't have information on VCDs anymore. I've made a new place for past news if you would like to know what's going on or something, or what happened so far. I've started working on new shows and new things and hopefully with more purchases I can upgrade my workstation.

June 2004:
Site gets a complete new look with pictures and soon to be new pages and new things to see! I hope you enjoy my website and the new features I will be showing soon! I hope you guys like the new look also.

Sometime long ago:
Angel Of Animes Productions was born

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